Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to School

While most high schools have already started the next semester and most colleges are starting on Monday, I still have an entire week left to kill. I miss CoMo dearly and all my friends, but at the same time I want to enjoy this week because all the responsibilities I'm about to have are going to be ridiculous.

So since I figured I'd have nothing better to do for the next week I decided to decorate my notebooks. It is the perfect creative/busy work project I need to get me through this next week, I started cutting out things today and I'm even going to show you guys how to do them!

These notebooks don't really have a name, it's more of a collage if you will just on the front cover of a notebook, it's way cheaper than buying cute notebooks at Wal-Mart. All you need is the following:




Glue Stick(s) & Transparent Tape

I start out buy flipping through old magazines, I always save my old magazines because you never know when you're going to have to do a creative project for school or work and cutting things out of magazines is cheaper than using colored ink from a printer, and it allows you to get more creative. I look for words, pictures and quotes I like and cut them out as neatly or as sloppy as I like.

I decided that some of my notebooks are going to have themes, for example my Fashion class notebook for next year will have words like New York City or Fashion all over it, along with some of my favorite designers. Classes that I think might be a little boring will have cute guys on them so maybe it'll make me stare at my notebook and eventually take notes (wishful thinking?).

Once I think I have enough to completely cover my notebook I begin to lay them out in a manner I like.

I then carefully pick each piece up one at a time and glue it back down (sometimes I just take a picture and go off of that, depends on how much time I have).

Next, I carefully take the transparent tape and tape one long piece vertically down the spiral side, I continue adding vertical strips of tape until the entire notebook is covered (it helps if they are a little long so you can tuck them around the notebooks edges).

And Vola! You're done and have a cute, original notebook that shows your personality and style!

The total time it takes to do this honestly depends, I can generally do 1 notebook in a day, it just depends on how much of a perfectionist I decide to be. But with these I cut all the stuff out the day before and finished 4 of them the next day and knocked out the other one pretty quickly the following day.

I hope everyone has a great semester back at school and let me know if you decide to try this, I'd love to see the finished product!

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  1. This is a great D.I.Y. You should definitely post this on Pinterest. It brings in a lot of traffic to my blog and it's another great way to get ideas out to the world:)