Sunday, January 8, 2012

Afternoon Appointments

Afternoon Appointments

Hello fabulous people, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready to get back to work and school tomorrow! I'm still on winter break so for me tomorrow will be filled with appointments and errands, mainly my eye appoint, I've got to get better glasses so I actually see what my professors are teaching (yikes!). So of course I'll be wearing my go to look, leggings and a noodie (hoodie-hood= no hoodie--> noodie, crew neck if you're normal). I'm hoping to score some Ray Ban frames, but we'll see if they're in my price range.

I know one thing is for sure I'll be in lots of waiting rooms with nothing to keep me entertained but fashion magazines, I guess I need to catch up on my reading anyway ;)

Have a good week guys!

P.S. I'm working on a project and I am pretty excited about I hope you guys feel the same when I post it, it's a DIY type thing if you will.

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