Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I Wore: Working at ON

Hey guys, so I didn't wear this today, I've just been super busy, but here is what I wore over the weekend to work.

I really love denim, it's becoming popular it seems like so when I went to KC for the day on the 4th of July and saw this denim vest hanging alone in Forever 21 I HAD to have it! It was definitely a good decision, it goes with anything and everything (though I haven't tried pairing it with denim bottoms yet)!

So what are you guys summer favorites?

Denim Vest: Forever 21 Plus $21.50
Pocketed Scoop-Neck Shirt: GAP Clearance $6.75
Blue "Frat Daddy" Khakis: GAP $36.00

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore: Summer School

Well it's Wednesday and for me that means it' my rest day, it's the day I don't work out I (usually) don't work and I always make sure my homework is done so I can just chill. Rest day Wednesdays is something I started this summer and it's been so good I think I'll stick to it during the school year too. It's just nice to be able to wear something cute to class and makeup and not have to take it all off to work out 20 minutes later.

So today I took advantage of it and dressed a little nicer than I usually do for class (let's be honest, I dress for the gym).

I decided showing off my school spirit wouldn't be a bad idea (truth be told I just wanted to wear my new Mizzou V-neck). Let's be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of my schools colors (yellow? YUCK!) so I do my best to buy the cute girly stuff that still shows my support for my school. With that said, here is what I wore to class.

DIY Shorts: Old Navy $25
Mizzou V-neck: Tiger Spirit (Downtown Columbia, MO) $15
Jacket: American Eagle $20
Cream TOMS: Toms.com $44
Lacoste Frames (Glasses): $65