Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Cut-Off Shorts

I've been talking about making cut off shorts from my old jeans that are too big in the pant for the longest time and today I finally did! I used the steps from refinery29 and I am really happy with the results. Sometimes we are so quick to give away or even worse, throw away our clothes, but if you take the time to look up DIY clothing crafts, you'll save yourself a lot money. Besides, who wouldn't want to spend a nice afternoon revamping their wardrobe a bit? I sure loved it! Check out my steps below!

Step 1: Pick out a pair of shorts that fit you well and put them on top the jeans you want to cut. Fasten them together at the crotch with straight pins (or anything that will keep them from moving honestly).

Step 2: Put the ruler on top of the original pair of jeans (angled diagonally) and make a dotted line along the jeans with Tailor's Chalk or any other writing utensil that you can see and is washable (I used a pen).

Step 3: Take the ruler and measure down one half inch from the original dotted lines you made. This ill be the actual line you cut from, if you want your shorts shorter when you're finished, simply cut them again, but remember they will get shorter once washed and frayed.

Step 4: Using the mark you made as a guideline cut your first pant leg.

Step 5: This step is different from the website, but I feel it works better. Fold the cut leg over and use it as a guide to cut the other pant leg (that way even if you messed up your first cut a bit, both legs will be even).

Step 6: Ta-da! Throw these babies in the washer and dryer for the frayed ends to appear right away, or cuff them and wear them and wash them when you're done (that's what I did).

What I Wore: Meeting my new "little"

Today I finally got to meet my little sister from the BBBS program, I was excited and nervous all at the same time.

I'll admit it didn't completely go as expected, but it was nice and hopefully we can plan something out for this week, we'll see.

At least I looked cute!

White Shorts: Old Navy
Teal Vneck: GAP $10
Denim Shirt: Old Navy (Clearance) $20
Black Belt: Old Navy $10

I'm hoping the next visit with my little goes a little bit better, we'll see. Until next time,

Stay Beautiful <3

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Colored Shorts & Button Downs: Old Navy Edition

Colored Shorts & Button Downs: Old Nacy Edition

So as you guys know (or maybe not) I work at Old Navy and I absolutely love it! I've only worked a few shifts and it's been a blast! So, the other day when I was working I took the time to look at what seemed to be major trends right now and almost every mannequin had on colored shorts with either a v-neck (always classic cool) or a button down.

I love it, it's simple. comfy and surprisingly cheap! So I just picked out my favorite shirts and shirts I've seen around on mannequins.

Like what you see? Head out to your nearest Old Navy and get to spending! Oh and did I mention next Saturday is $1 Flip Flop day so go out and snag them up! And if you're in the Columbia area, you'll definitely be seeing me (:

Stay Beautiful <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dream Job...well for now

So I had posted about a week ago on getting a job with White House | Black Market and in short, I didn't even work an entire shift before quitting.

It's not that it was terrible, I just got a better opportunity.

While I was on my way to my first day at WHBM I got a call from someone at Old Navy and my heart literally stopped. I had forgotten I even put in an application there (I apply so much they should have multiple applications of mine on file). Anyway, somehow mine got pulled and I went in the next day for an interview and was hired right after!

I have wanted to work at ON since freshman year of high school when i realized they carried my size and it was actually cute and affordable. It has been my favorite store ever since (if you pay attention to my "What I Wore" posts you already could've guessed that).

So now I'm working there, my first real shift is tomorrow (I have NO idea what to wear) and I couldn't be more excited. Its a fun environment to work in, I'll get more hours than WHBM and I'm making 25 cents more (better than nothing right?). Oh, and not to mention the AMAZING DISCOUNTS I GET. Yeah, even more motivation to loose all this weight because I will be going on a pretty amazinf shopping spree when I do and I cannot wait!

Anyway, expect more What I Wore posts now that I'll have to mix and match outfits more, or at least more Polyvore sets. I'm also thinking about doing a "This Just In" where I feature an article of clothing or accesorry or something where I talk about a new product we just got in at ON or about something I just bought, we'll see.

I really want to start making this more and more of a quality blog that people cannot wait to read every week. Even if it's just 5 people taking my fashion advice, I just want to get my name out there.

Time to step up my game and be heard! Until next time,

Stay beautiful <3

What I Wore: Big Brother, Big Sister Interview

So I'm back with another installment (I guess that's what you could call it?) of What I Wore! I moved into a new dorm on campus and it has a perfect spot for me to take picture of my oufit, and I believe I'll be in a similar room for the school year so now I can use my real camera more often (but I still threw in some cheesy Photo Booth pics).

Today I had an interview with an organization called Big Brothers, Big Sister of Central Missouri. For those of you who aren't familiar it is a non-profit organization where a "big" (someone 16 or older) is paired with a "little" (whose ages range from 8-15) and they spend one hour a week together doing whatever they like. These kids generally come from single parent households or foster homes.

It's an organization that I have been very interested in since high school and with a lot more down time over the summer, I decided to give it a try. I love what the organization stands for and I cannot wait to meet my little. So here's what I wore:

Whoops, no shoes!

Pant Capris: Old Navy $25
Blue Buttoned Scoop-Neck: Old Navy $17
Salmon (it looks pink, it's not) Cardigan: Target $20
Black Belt: Old Navy $10
Not Pictured
Black Galdiators: Target $20

My uniform! (free to volunteers)

I'm sure furture what I wore segments will feature either my uniform or cute outfits that I wore out with my little, maybe I'll even feature her, we'll see (not sure if that's allowed). Like I stated earlier it is a really awesome organization, if you are looking for something to be apart of, I highly suggest you check them out. You can go here to see if their is one in your area.

Stay beautiful <3

The thing about fashion

It's different for everyone.

To me personally, it isn't a size, or a color or a designer or even a style. It's how I choose to express myself with the clothes, shoes and accessories in my closet.

I'm a Fashion Merchandising major and so many people automatically assume that means 2 things:

1) I'm not very smart
2) I always dress cute, mainly in designer clothes.

Both of which are generally wrong.

In fact, I'm pretty bright (I'm also a Journalism major at one of the best schools in the nation). And on a budget that's only a little higher than minimum wage I can't afford many name brand clothes (unless I hit up TJ Maxx). But let's be honest, 80% of my closet is Old Navy.

So many people have such a skewed perception of fashion now a days, it's not one thing or another, it's all of them, together.

Switching things up and putting them together is what I love most about fashion.

Be free to create what you want, don't let the medias (mostly) terrible stereotypes stop you from doing (and more importantly wearing!) your thang!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

First day of work

First day of work
So you all may or may not know, but I recently got a job with White House | Black Market and I start sometime next week (hopefully!). I have an outfit similar to this planned for my first day of work. and let me just say I am TERRIFIED. I hope to create a "What I Wore" post after my first day.

Wish me luck!

The Push I Needed

I got inspired yesterday.

I was having a late night dinner (okay it was like midnight) with two of my friends Aaron and Isabella and somehow we got on the subject of education and making our dreams come true. Aaron is one of the most driven people I have ever met. He might not have the greatest grades, but he taught himself every thing he knows about graphic design. He took the initiative and spent hours on YouTube and in magazines and websites perfecting his craft because it's what he loves and wants to do.

When he told me that I immediately said "I wash I was driven and independent enough to do that" and they both shared with me that passion and independence isn't something you're born with, if you want something you have to chase after it. They also told me something that I know not to many people would agree with: You don't have to wait for a college course to teach you how to do something, engulf yourself in it, experience is what counts.

When you think about it, it's kind of true. Like for example, I'd love to start a lookbook and do some sketches, just for fun, so the thing is, why don't I? What is stopping me? No one has to see my sketches, no one even has to know I am doing them (although of course I want to share).

My friends then continued to tell me that it didn't have to end there, I could take a sewing class at Jo-Ann fabrics and even work on looks at my job and eventually open an Etsy store online!

It all sounds like SO much right now, but it is exciting and I don't think I'll be as busy as I think this summer (we'll see).

It just feels good to take initiative of my life and start growing up a bit. After being home for three weeks and then dealing with my bull shit of a day yesterday I realized I have got A LOT of growing up to do. I guess I should make time for that this summer too haha.

But I feel like things are starting to look up, time to be a big girl.

I plan on buying a sketchbook (to start my lookbook) sometime next week. I'm supposed to be going to Kansas City tomorrow to see my best friend and all I really want to do is deal with everything, get my work schedule, move into my dorm for the summer and get ready to go see him. After this crazy week/weekend seeing my best friend is exactly what I need.

Have a good day/weekend guys and keep smiling (: