Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Happy October!

Happy October! by wanna-be-fashionista featuring strappy shoes

Let's disregard the fact that it took me so long to update this blog! Gosh how time flies, I've been super busy with school starting back up, attempting to still lose weight and of course juggling two jobs, extra curriculars and a social life! To say the least I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, just an entire week to rest.

But there is one thing I am more excited about than Thanksgiving...FALL! I mean c'mon you've got to admit it is basically the best season ever, warm drinks at Starbucks, cute boots, jeans and oversized cardis, fall fashion is the best! Which is why my friends and I took a trip to Kansas City this weekend to update our wardrobe, I made it out with a few things (and still managed to keep my wallet full). 

This set just features of few of the things I want to grab before the month is over, here's to hoping I can find them on a budget (and to hoping I can update this more often again)!

Until next time, 

Stay Beautiful <3

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