Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Wore: Big Brother, Big Sister Interview

So I'm back with another installment (I guess that's what you could call it?) of What I Wore! I moved into a new dorm on campus and it has a perfect spot for me to take picture of my oufit, and I believe I'll be in a similar room for the school year so now I can use my real camera more often (but I still threw in some cheesy Photo Booth pics).

Today I had an interview with an organization called Big Brothers, Big Sister of Central Missouri. For those of you who aren't familiar it is a non-profit organization where a "big" (someone 16 or older) is paired with a "little" (whose ages range from 8-15) and they spend one hour a week together doing whatever they like. These kids generally come from single parent households or foster homes.

It's an organization that I have been very interested in since high school and with a lot more down time over the summer, I decided to give it a try. I love what the organization stands for and I cannot wait to meet my little. So here's what I wore:

Whoops, no shoes!

Pant Capris: Old Navy $25
Blue Buttoned Scoop-Neck: Old Navy $17
Salmon (it looks pink, it's not) Cardigan: Target $20
Black Belt: Old Navy $10
Not Pictured
Black Galdiators: Target $20

My uniform! (free to volunteers)

I'm sure furture what I wore segments will feature either my uniform or cute outfits that I wore out with my little, maybe I'll even feature her, we'll see (not sure if that's allowed). Like I stated earlier it is a really awesome organization, if you are looking for something to be apart of, I highly suggest you check them out. You can go here to see if their is one in your area.

Stay beautiful <3

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