Sunday, June 24, 2012

Colored Shorts & Button Downs: Old Navy Edition

Colored Shorts & Button Downs: Old Nacy Edition

So as you guys know (or maybe not) I work at Old Navy and I absolutely love it! I've only worked a few shifts and it's been a blast! So, the other day when I was working I took the time to look at what seemed to be major trends right now and almost every mannequin had on colored shorts with either a v-neck (always classic cool) or a button down.

I love it, it's simple. comfy and surprisingly cheap! So I just picked out my favorite shirts and shirts I've seen around on mannequins.

Like what you see? Head out to your nearest Old Navy and get to spending! Oh and did I mention next Saturday is $1 Flip Flop day so go out and snag them up! And if you're in the Columbia area, you'll definitely be seeing me (:

Stay Beautiful <3

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