Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good news....and bad news!

Good news first-I GOT A JOB!

Bad news- I still suck at updating this :(

I'm sorry guys, I really am. I haven't even been on IFB to check my messages and follow new people and pub myself, that's on my long list of things to do.

However, I am going out of town tomorrow and won't have wifi (rough, I know) so posting regularly wills till have to wait.

I'm hoping to start a new segment type thing with this new job, either a what I wore to work type thing or a how I dressed the mannequins.

We'll see.

I got hired as a sales associate at White House | Black Market so I'll get to keep an eye on what women (at least in my area) are wearing, I am so excited! Can't wait to get started and FINALLY make my own money again!

I do have a lot of cute outfits to show you guys though and now that I'm home it is easier to take pictures. I'm gonna shoot for at least one photo shoot before June1 when I head back to Missouri for summer school, deal?


  1. Congratulations on the new job:)

    i made some changes to the look of my blog! check it out:)

  2. I love reading your words, it's like listening to you're speaking hahaha I dunno I'm so weird. But anyway congratulations for your new job, really it sounds really fun and not like a job at all! :D