Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am back as promised! I haven't had much inspiration lately, and on top of that I have been super busy, but I will be getting on Polyvore and making sets as soon as possible! I've got a test tomorrow and then a free week (besides another job interview, *fingers crossed*).

Just like everyone else I am SOOOO ready for summer! The weather here in Columbia is already pretty warm which is such a teaser, but it's better than snow! I want shorts and flowy tops and sunglasses galore (I'm saving up for Ray Bans!).

Yes, I'll be in summer school every day for 8 weeks, but only until 11 am so I guess I can deal and hopefully I'll get this job so I'll have money in the bank, a brand new car and great friends! Sounds like the perfect summer right? I sure think so (: