Saturday, March 23, 2013

High Low, Anyone?

High Low, Anyone?

Peplum tops aren't the only hot thing out for spring. I've been seeing this high low effect in almost everything: dresses, skirts, shirts, it's very cute (especially for girls like me who like to wear leggings and need their but covered)!

This material is light, will blow just perfectly in the wind and is dramatic enough on it;s own that huge statement pieces aren't really needed. I immediately thought that wedges were the way to go, but then I couldn't find any cute enough, but I love these white shoes and I think it's a nice touch!

Much like the peplum top I have not found a style (in the dress and skirt that is) that I absolutely love, so I'll keep looking I suppose. Anyone know of any good places to look, especially if you're in the Missouri area!

Well, I'm signing off fore thing night, that 8 hour car ride left me pooped.

Stay Beautiful <3

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  1. i love high-low stuff! that dress is lovely in that the 'low' part isnt too long! really like those sandals too! :)